About Us

The Equity Institute envisions a future where all people in Indiana have equitable access to resources to promote their individual autonomy and wellbeing. We believe that strengthening communities is one of the strongest ways to achieve equity and health.

We seek to craft community through creativity, relationship, science, and advocacy. We wish to bridge the gap between effective policy, community wisdom, and scientific knowledge. We see municipals, the state, anchor neighborhood families, and community service organizations as key stakeholders in promoting equity and wellbeing.

Our Approach

When engaging in community intervention and policy advocacy, the Equity Institute addresses the root causes of social problems. Many policies are band-aids to large social problems such as the violence of poverty, racial disparities in the criminal justice system, substance use, or homelessness. The Equity Institute seeks to craft trainings and interventions that move upstream and directly address the root causes of social ills.

We see that incorporating community voices is not only integral to the promotion of a healthy community but is also required to make wise policies and interventions. You can read more about our approach to policy analysis here.


The Equity Institute is currently seeking partnerships with individuals and organizations to craft an agenda that strives for economic, racial, and community justice. We also seek to be advocates against policies that harm the most vulnerable in our state.

We are currently looking for persons that work with local and state legislation regularly to establish a network of individuals to monitor legislation that impacts our communities.