Policy Advocacy


The Equity Institute is currently seeking partnerships with individuals and organizations to craft an agenda that strives for economic, racial, and community justice. We also seek to be advocates against policies that harm the most vulnerable in our state.

We are currently looking for persons that work with local and state legislation regularly to establish a network of individuals to monitor legislation that impacts our communities. If you would be interested in working with us, please email keith@equityin.org.

We approach policy from a simple framework that seeks to bear witness to those who do not have access to influence legislation.

When examining a policy we must ask ourselves:

  1. Does this policy bear witness?

    1. Does it honor, acknowledge, and see stakeholders who could suffer the most in this policy?

  2. What social problem does this help solve?

    1. If you cannot identify the social problem that a bill should address, proceed with caution and skepticism.

  3. Who does this bill empower?

    1. How does the allocation of resources change?

    2. Who gets to make the final call?

  4. Who does this bill disempower?

    1. Who loses decision-making ability in this bill?

    2. Who does this move resources from?